“Orgy #001” Adult Film Review

I will always encourage people to watch porn films that have more depth than just the sex and Orgy #001 is one of those films. I’ve been known to ask clients, lovers, and friends, “How does your body feel?” That question has greater significance during this time of Shelter In Place when many of us are starved for touch. Orgy is a feast of delightfully decadent touch with a depth greater than sex. The depth can be found in the lighting, music, and a few quiet moments of acting. This is eleven minutes that you’ll want to rewatch (or perhaps re-enact) with friends. The feast of touch ranges from an amuse-bouche of stinging touch all the way to the dessert of after care caresses. The cast is a joy to watch! The viewer is left with the feeling that this group enjoys the company of one another even when the cameras aren’t recording. Sex with the benefit of friendship is the vibe this cast gives off and I’m 100% here for it. There’s a rapport that jumps off the screen to generate a feeling of peeking into someone’s living room and that’s what makes this film a treasure.

Orgy is made even better by its musical score (created by Ashur Rayis) which felt like the soundtrack for an edge play workshop. From crescendo to bottom to climax again, it was exciting to feel the music. The music created these interesting vibrations that blurred the audible lines between Hitachis and the vocal joy of the performers.

I found Orgy to be a poetic dance between exhibitionism and voyeurism. The visuals were made that much better by director Teen Wolf’s use of natural light. There were a few quiet moments as subtle as easter eggs that felt like held space for autonomous after care in the form of a quiet stare. Such moments are easy to miss with all of the action, but look again it will be worth it.

Just the thought of passion in the time of a pandemic may find some of you craving physical touch and deep connection. I encourage you to watch Orgy, not because it will satiate your need for physical touch, but because every sense of compersion in your body will celebrate the touch they experience. Orgy was hypnotizing from open to close! I was left with the feeling that every character both earned and received their pleasure from a place of deep connection.