“Chemistry Eases the Pain” (Adult Film Review)

If you’ve ever dealt with internalized Biphobia (and there’s a chance you have even if you’ve never labeled it as such) then you’ll enjoy Chemistry Eases the Pain.

Recently, on Twitter, some people (who said they’d never date a bisexual man) had no idea what it meant to be biphobic. Here’s the definition of biphobia according to the Googles. (Spoiler: It’s more complex than just a “fear”.)

bi·pho·bi·a /bīˈfōbēə/ noun: dislike of, aversion to, or prejudice against bisexual people.

What ^ that means is that if you refuse to date someone just because of who they’re attracted to, then you may be perpetuating biphobia. Please don’t be that person. Date who you want, but don’t base it on who THEY might want to date.

That’s my time on the soap box! Back to the film review. I was sad to miss the online premier. I think it would have been great to watch CETP with a group of people. One of my takeaways from watching CETP, was that the title is a double entendre! “Chemistry” points to the literal chemistry from the opening scene that eases Matt into a comfort zone (read: high) to express his feelings. There is also the figurative chemistry between Matt and Frankie that eases them into some sexy games in the bedroom and on a couch.

Prepare yourself before watching CETP because there’s a chance, if you’re like me, you’ll find the Matt character kind of annoying. I have a feeling that he was deliberately written, played as the annoying dude trying his hand(s) at coercion. I’ve certainly met my share of Matts out in the wild. In my 20s, I was a Matt. Part of the magic of CETP is that some characters are written in a cringeworthy way, but the message never gets lost.

Shine tells a story of exploration that gave me warm fuzzy memories. I’ve been the Matt in a room with a Frankie exploring their first penis. I’ve also been Frankie, ashamed to tell friends about a crush because of that person’s gender. I’ve experienced chemistry changing everything I thought I once knew about myself. CETP is fun, endearing, sexy in all of the subtle ways, and hot in all the other ways. CETP is also a low key valentine to the Bay Area. If you live, or have ever lived, in the Bay Area you can’t not recognize San Francisco and Oakland as the backdrop. (I love it when cities I love become characters in film.)

Shine makes much more than just films to get you aroused, they tell stories. Shine’s camera work keeps all the focus where it’s needed, down to the books in the background that add subtext to the plot. CETP tells a story with a few interesting turns in the plot. No spoilers, you should check it out for yourselves here. I enjoyed watching Frankie take on the role of teacher, laughed at the house full of Chads (pay attention to the end credits), and the coming of age (no pun intended) vibe for the ending. This is a good date movie, watch more porn. After you watch it, share your thoughts in the comments below.

“Ritual Waves” (Adult Film Review)

This is a review for Porn Club, you know like a book club… for porn. You can watch Ritual Waves here.

Ritual Waves is an experience that felt better once I was ready to receive it. That is to say, my brain broke (in a good way) on the first viewing and on the second viewing, I got it. As some of you may know, and have been celebrating, May is masturbation month. Masturbation May hasn’t felt special due to shelter in place orders and all that (pandemic) jazz. Did I need a designated month to masturbate after I’d already been in the house for weeks? Not really, but stay with me here. There are lots of ways to masturbate. To name just two, there is the quick and dirty when you just want to release before that Zoom meeting. Then there’s the experience of self-love where you take your time. Ritual Waves is the latter, holy hell is it the latter! Don’t let the length of this 5 minute film fool you, Ritual Waves goes literally and figuratively deep.

Ritual Waves is the type of film that encourages you to experience yourself, all of yourself. The anticipation of pleasure can lead one to hold their mouth agape, saliva escaping with reckless abandon. Those moments when you stop caring about where it all goes, the spit, cum, all of it. Those moments, feelings are celebrated (not depicted) in Ritual Waves. Ritual Waves takes the viewer to that headspace in the first 60 seconds! As the film continues, Lina Bembe’s hands play the role of their lover, exploring and appreciating their body. Watching their fingertips search, press, and pleasure until a golden gratitude is shown upon Lina’s face. If you look closely, you can catch a fleeting glimpse of a clenched jaw fueled by the tension from below.

Ritual Waves then takes a welcome deep dive as Lina goes underwater for a rebirth. Here you can feel the energy and music of the film shift. I want to take a moment and give a shoutout to Manuela Schinina’s music choices throughout the film. I found the music to be fluid, ethereal, and enchanting. I could not imagine any other music accompanying these waves.

I hope you take a moment to watch this film. If you do, here’s some food for thought before you press play. What does it mean to be consumed by something? To be consumed by darkness is to suggest that once we return to light there’s a residue left on our vision. To be consumed by wetness is to suggest that our skin still drinks even after the environment changes. This experience is not unlike taking a shower on a hot day in Oakland. The sweat appears just as fast as we dry off, our skin still drinks. Ritual Waves took me on a journey of what it’s like to see the feeling of that drinking, thirsty skin.

There’s a peace that comes with full immersion, a peace that whispers this is where I live. It’s the same peace we experience when we’re under water and open our eyes. It’s the same peace we experience when we’re not yet close but in a state of flow with masturbation. This peace and pleasure are where I live, in the throes of my own passion. Dive into RW and live there, deeper than you normally go with yourself.

“Orgy #001” Adult Film Review

I will always encourage people to watch porn films that have more depth than just the sex and Orgy #001 is one of those films. I’ve been known to ask clients, lovers, and friends, “How does your body feel?” That question has greater significance during this time of Shelter In Place when many of us are starved for touch. Orgy is a feast of delightfully decadent touch with a depth greater than sex. The depth can be found in the lighting, music, and a few quiet moments of acting. This is eleven minutes that you’ll want to rewatch (or perhaps re-enact) with friends. The feast of touch ranges from an amuse-bouche of stinging touch all the way to the dessert of after care caresses. The cast is a joy to watch! The viewer is left with the feeling that this group enjoys the company of one another even when the cameras aren’t recording. Sex with the benefit of friendship is the vibe this cast gives off and I’m 100% here for it. There’s a rapport that jumps off the screen to generate a feeling of peeking into someone’s living room and that’s what makes this film a treasure.

Orgy is made even better by its musical score (created by Ashur Rayis) which felt like the soundtrack for an edge play workshop. From crescendo to bottom to climax again, it was exciting to feel the music. The music created these interesting vibrations that blurred the audible lines between Hitachis and the vocal joy of the performers.

I found Orgy to be a poetic dance between exhibitionism and voyeurism. The visuals were made that much better by director Teen Wolf’s use of natural light. There were a few quiet moments as subtle as easter eggs that felt like held space for autonomous after care in the form of a quiet stare. Such moments are easy to miss with all of the action, but look again it will be worth it.

Just the thought of passion in the time of a pandemic may find some of you craving physical touch and deep connection. I encourage you to watch Orgy, not because it will satiate your need for physical touch, but because every sense of compersion in your body will celebrate the touch they experience. Orgy was hypnotizing from open to close! I was left with the feeling that every character both earned and received their pleasure from a place of deep connection.

“Ouroboros” Adult Film Review

Take a moment and imagine two dissimilar people to whom you’re sexually attracted.

Hold on to that image and picture the three of you fucking in every configuration. While this is just my opinion, that’s how sex should be, on an infinite loop.

This is the March review for Porn Club. “Porn Club seeks to encourage discussions about porn as an indie film genre, focusing on classic and contemporary titles available to us through our streaming network, PinkLabel.TV. Topics might include technical aspects of how a movie was made, directorial influences, perceived social or historical impact, and other aspects of interest…”

Ouroboros does a great job of infusing studio sex with the infinite loop of fantasy. The lighting was a good balance between a dimly lit bedroom and lit well enough to see what you want. The sex was a fun balance of affectionate cuddle puddle, wrestling, spanks, spit roasts, and grinds. All of the giving, all of the receiving, all of the pleasure without the focus on any singular pleasure, goal, or climax. That’s how sex should be.

This film is what would happen if three people craved each other, abstained from sex, and then they were given license to lay in a studio, imagine what they’d do to one another and then *ding* off goes the bell for the start of their fantasy. I liked this film because it seemed driven by the desire of the actor’s to enjoy and consume each other. It felt genuine. Everything in this film looks, feels, and sounds like real sex. Everything in this film lands as if driven by pure desire. I loved it and I hope that you enjoy it as well.

“Camera and I” Adult Film Review

I’ve been modeling since I was 12 and my brain can be hyper literal. So, every time I heard someone suggest I “make love to the camera” my brain always went to a silly place. Shine Louise Houston may have a similar sense of humor. Camera and I is worth a watch. (It’s 14 minutes long, you have the time to watch it right meow. I’ll wait.)

Are you back? Good! There’s not much I can say without spoilers. I try to watch films without reading much or watching previews ahead of time. I want to go in with a clean slate and nothing to potentially sway my opinion. I’m glad that I went into Camera and I with that clean slate. I was audibly laughing in the first few minutes. I didn’t expect it to be that funny. My favorite line was “you seem stable”. Kudos to Jasko Fide for not only executing a hot scene, but for bringing the viewer directly into their experience of pleasure. The best thing about watching porn is when the actors are not acting, but enjoying themselves. Here are some more films featuring Jasko Fide. Another moment of joy was when we saw the bliss “Sony” experienced when they bathed Jasko in what I can only describe as celestial lighting. This film went from funny, to sexy, to romantic with a post-coital scene unlike any other.

Sometimes you watch a film and you hope that no one ever tries to remake it or change it in any way because it was perfect in its execution. Camera and I is one of those works. (I’d totally watch a sequel to see what “Panasonic” could bring to a scene, just sayin’.) Camera and I is great just the way it is and I hope it gets all the recognition it deserves. Happy Birthday, Shine! Well done!

“How to Female Ejaculate” (1993) Adult Film Review

Watching a documentary is always an interesting trip. I’m driven to watch documentaries for the sake of furthering my education on matters somewhat foreign to me. Before I tell you about my experience watching and learning from “How to Female Ejaculate” (1993) directed by and featuring Deborah Sundahl, I want to cover some language that I’ll be using in this post. People with vaginas are not always women and women don’t always have vaginas. I’ve spent enough time with cadavers in anatomy classes to know that every human body is different. Throughout this post about vaginas and the marvel of vaginal ejaculation, I’ll be using the term women with the aforementioned understanding in consideration. For the CisHet men reading this, please note that I won’t be explaining any “hOw To MaKe hEr sQuIrT!” sort of business. This isn’t about you learning some tricks for the bedroom. This is about self-exploration for women who wish to feel what the presenters in this doc felt. (Dudes, I encourage you to read “Whose Orgasm Is It Anyway?”) Alright, still with me and ready to read on? Great!

From the jump, the early ‘90s aesthetic made my heart sing tunes of nostalgia. The hair and clothes were enough to dive all the way into this doc. Even if you weren’t a ‘90s kid, I think everyone should watch this doc. Human bodies are wonderful and there hasn’t been remotely enough research on women’s sexual pleasure response (more on that lack of research later). For all the CisHet men out there who fancy themselves to be “good at sex” take more time to listen, learn, and study instead of back patting yourself. Watch HTFE for the sake of education, not to “learn some tricks”.

I loved the educational components from this documentary. In the event that you’ve ever believed squirting or the g-spot to be a myth, please watch HTFE. Here are some great takeaways from the video to keep in mind the next time you find yourself with a squirter.

1. Female ejaculate is not urine! I’ve heard a heartbreaking story from a friend who ejaculated all over her lover’s bed and he ghosted after accusing her of peeing during sex. Wow! If only he had watched HTFE and learned some things!

2. The urethral sponge is a much better name for the pleasure receptor than the “G-spot”, IMO. Science has been moving away from the habit of naming areas of the body after the person credited with their discovery. Ernst Gräfenberg was credited with discovering the g-spot, hence the name.

Fun Fact: A quick Googling will show present day arguments as to whether there even is a g-spot and to that all I can rhetorically ask is what the fuck!

Watch HTFE and learn why the urethral sponge is not only a more physiologically accurate term, the naming convention also tells you where to find it. That is assuming that you know where to find a woman’s urethra and of course you know that no one pees out of their vagina (another myth perpetuated by the miseducated).

3. Please note that squirting doesn’t have to be a goal (however, hearing what it means to this group of women could inspire others). Everyone’s pleasure response is different and that’s perfectly fine.

4. The video discusses some techniques for Kegeling. You should watch it for that alone. Imagine being able to work a muscle that helps to give you stronger orgasms! Yes, please! Exercise those PC (pubococcygeus) muscles. You can have stronger orgasms (if that’s something you want).

Fun Fact: Anyone with a pelvic floor can Kegel! (I’ve met some people who were surprised that men can Kegel.)

5. Something I loved about the demo portion (this is a Porn Club review after all) was the reminder that different people call for different methods and yield unique pleasure responses. To phrase it another way, if you have “go to” methods when assisting someone with their pleasure, keep in mind that all bodies are not the same.

Carol Queen, who I had the pleasure of working with (not in that way) last year on a panel at ConvergeCon, had some great points about women ejaculating. She spoke about the sense of empowerment that came from the self-discovery of female ejaculation. Sex education for teens is often inaccurate or non-existent. Sex education as it relates to a woman’s pleasure is even scarcer. When the conversation shifted to safety, because we are talking about a bodily fluid, Carol pointed out the insufficient AIDS research as it related to women’s pleasure response.

I encourage you to watch HTFE, not because you want to learn some tricks, instead because you want to celebrate in the self-discovery of the women featured in the film. Afterwards, you may find out something about your own pleasure response. Even if you don’t, it’s still both educational and an erotic joy to watch.